Alright folks, here it is, at last, a digitally bound version of all the major content pages of the GENDER book. Now is the time for feedback from you, our amazing community. 

Some of the changes to come are pretty obvious, like I mistyped “neutral” on that one page and some of the speech bubbles are still blank. Even if they’re obvious and we probably already know, go ahead and mention it anyway, suggest what you’d put in those empty bubbles! If nothing else, keep us honest in our great typo search.

Please keep your comments on positive (or at the very least, constructive) notes. Remember, we’re just humans like you doing the best we can. Thanks!

In community,

Mel Reiff Hill

resident artist, the GENDER book

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PPS- Make sure you press ‘expand’ by hovering over the middle of the book if you care to, you know, read the words.

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